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Well this is downright scary... Britney Spears returned to the Las Vegas stage after a short summer hiatus on Wednesday night. She was almost done with the show having just performed "(You Drive Me) Crazy". At that moment a crazed fan jumped on stage. Check it out:
The quick thinking dancers on Britney's crew immediately surrounded the guy until security could get there. Security came and escorted a visibly shaken Britney off stage. At one point they thought he had a gun but it turns out he didn't. According to the article the concert goer had been behaving erratically and disorderly the entire evening. When he was asked to leave the arena, that's when he jumped onstage and all hell breaks loose. There's a 4 minute video of the scene in the above link. It's disturbing.
There was a time in my life where all I wanted to be was a dance-pop singer. I wanted to not only be a singer, but to have hit after hit after hit. I wanted my name to be uttered in the same breath as Michael, Madonna, Janet, Prince, George. I wanted to be legendary. I wanted my music to live on long after I was gone.
But unfortunately there's a price to be paid for that kind of fame. It's not fair, it's not right but it's the way things are. People are crazy. And crazy people do crazy things. Even if the guy who jumped onstage at a Britney concert was harmless, the confusion and fear he caused was enough to make him a menace. (His mugshot btw, which is also in the above link, tells his entire drug/alcohol infused cray-cray story.) Nowadays I don't know if I'm strong enough to pay that kind of a price. The price is too steep.
I really feel sorry for celebrities sometimes.
So what do YOU think? Would the price of fame be a price you'd be willing to pay? Has there ever been an artist where if you could have, you would have jumped onstage? Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments section below.
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Did you know Brandy and Monica (of "The Boy Is Mine" fame) have a long standing feud with each other? Well it's true. Their feud goes back further than The Boy Is Mine. Let's get into the Way Back Machine and take a journey back to the 90's, shall we?
The year was 1994. Brandy had just released her debut album. That same year Aaliyah released her debut album. A year later Monica released her debut album. All three girls (all teenagers at the time of their debut albums) saw record album sales for their first albums. And for a while in the world of R&B there was only Brandy, Monica and Aaliyah. Sure there were others, but none ever touched the success of those three girls.
Cut to November 1997. ABC aired "Cinderella" starring Brandy as the title character and Whitney Houston as The Fairy Godmother (Whitney also produced the film.) It became the most watched television movie in history up to that point. It's worth mentioning here that Whitney had always been Brandy's mentor. Whitney took Brandy under her wing early in her career and gave her guidance whenever needed.
Cut to 1998. Brandy and Monica record and release the song of the summer for 1998, "The Boy Is Mine". According to the street, there was tension between Brandy and Monica from the very start. But that tension was supposedly squashed when the single garnered so much success and went on to give the girls their only Grammy win in both of their careers so far.
Cut to 2001. Aaliyah dies in a plane crash. Boy bands and girl groups are on the rise. R&B music is slowly replaced on the radio by bubblegum pop. Brandy and Monica's star slowly begins to fade as the likes of Britney Spears, Pink, Christina Aguilera and Destiny's Child begin to take over the air waves.
Over the years Brandy has taken shots at Monica randomly via social media. To her credit, Monica hasn't spoken a word or clapped back at her. And to her discredit Brandy continues to take shots at Monica but never explains what the beef is all about. It's just random shots at random out-of-the-blue moments. Again, Monica stays mum. In interviews Monica always takes the high road. So this feud between Brandy and Monica at this point is really one sided. And to a lot of folks, crazy as hell.
Keep with me because the story gets weirder from here.
Whitney's birthday was Wednesday. (R.I.P. Nippy.) Monica wrote a heartfelt note on Instagram wishing Whitney a happy posthumous birthday and telling her how much she meant to her. It was filled with all kinds of feels.
Enter Brandy. Not long after Monica posted her note full of all the "aaawwwsss", Brandy posted her own letter to Whitney. But it wasn't just a letter to Nippy, it was an attack on Monica. Brandy apparently is VERY territorial when it comes to Whitney. She makes it seem like no one (especially no one named Monica) can dare be inspired or be influenced by Whitney except for Brandy. Brandy says Whitney passed the "torch" onto Brandy because Whitney died on Brandy's birthday. (WTF?) Then she goes after Monica's fans after they call her out for being petty. So a heartfelt note from Monica turns into a hate-filled diatribe from Brandy. There's SO much more CRAY CRAY CRAZY to this story. Click the link here to read more about it:
It's my opinion that Brandy is bitter. She can't figure out why she isn't a bigger star than she is right now. She has the vocals. She has the talent. But no one cares about her anymore. Monica, on the other hand, seems happy to be an R&B singer that has her fans and her fans seem loyal. Monica still releases music (to be fair, so does Brandy) and she still tours (same for Brandy). But Monica seems far more content than Brandy could ever be. Plus Brandy seems REALLY crazy-cray over Whitney. Anytime Monica speaks her name, Brandy goes off. So I'm forever #TeamMonica
What about you? Who's team are you on? Did you even know there was a feud going on between those two? Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments section below.
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Tarot The Week!
Week of August 7th - August 13th, 2017
Card: The Hierophant (Reversed)
Quick Analysis: The Hierophant card is a card all about rules. Order. Discipline. When it comes to spirituality he is concerned with the letter of the law. He wants to make sure all those that follow him are also following the letter of the law, for if they are not he’s not doing his job. The Hierophant is a card that advises the client to search for answers within the confines of religion. Religion gives structure. And for some, structure equates peace. And even if the client isn’t looking for spiritual peace per se, but is still looking for answers for any number of life happenings, looking toward a person who has expertise in that area and can mentor and guide in that area is someone the client would be wise to seek out.
When the Hierophant card is in the reversed position however, it can mean the client hasn’t found what he or she has been looking for in outside sources. So it would make sense then for the client to go inward to find the answers for themselves. It might be a good idea to throw out the rules we think we must abide by and create our own rules. If a client of mine was leaning toward that resolution the only caution I’d give him or her is to count the cost of what you may do and thoroughly examine if what you’re about to do or are doing is harming you or the people around you.
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Have a fantastically blessed week everyone!