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As the sun sets on another kick-ass Comic-Con, I am completely spent. I've emptied the cannon. It'll take me more than 15 minutes to recover. I need a nap.
And there's SO much I didn't get to cover. So many tv shows, movies, games, comics that debuted over the weekend I didn't get to give their just due. If you are a comic book/sci-fi/fantasy/cosplay/gamer person at all and weren't able to make it to the con in person, I encourage you to go to YouTube and just type in Comic-Con and filter it for the past week. Sit back, relax, start clicking and allow yourself to fall down the YouTube rabbit hole. You won't regret it.
San Diego International Comic-Con is a once in a lifetime experience. I have yet to go to it but it's on the bucket list. I will get there and I will enjoy myself and I will go deeply into debt while doing it. But with that being said, if you can't see yourself making it to San Diego for the annual nerd-fest, there are PLENTY of cons that happen all over this great country of ours. No matter where you live, there is almost guaranteed a con near you. (There's at LEAST 2 or 3 cons that go on every year here in Oklahoma City. So I KNOW if there's a few here there's BOUND to be one or two near you.)
I encourage you to go to them. They're more intimate than the San Diego con. There as less people so you're not constantly shoulder to shoulder with strangers. There are more local and independent distributors of comics and the like. There are more independent artists. There is no "Shangri-La" "Promised Land" Hall H you have to stand and wait in line for literal hours to get into. (I've heard there are some that have waited up to 18 hours in line to get into Hall H in San Diego. Yeah. 18 muthafuckin' hours, bitch! In the smaller cons that's just not an issue.) In the smaller cons you'll meet celebrities that do the con circuit you wouldn't necessarily meet in larger cons like San Diego. And while you'll probably still have to stand in line to meet a big named celebrity no matter what con you go to, odds are it won't be a line that extends for hours on end. So I encourage you if you can to seek out a local con to go to. If for nothing else it'll be a good "getting your comic-con feet wet" experience for you.
Finally, it's during this time all the nerdy comic book heads start dissecting the con and determining "who won the con". It's usually between the Big 2 (DC and MARVEL) and DC has had a winning streak going for the past few years. But I can definitively say this year WE won the con. There was SO much stuff that was OUTSIDE the DCEU and MCU that caught my eye. SO much cool stuff that DC and MARVEL aren't doing but the others are. That's not to say DC or MARVEL were slouches this con (I said before I'm going to see JUSTICE LEAGUE and THOR: RAGNAROK) it's just that there was SO much to see, do and experience outside of the Big 2. Which is simply a WIN for all of us comic book nerds. WE came out on top because this genre of entertainment is only growing bigger and bigger, with more and more options for everyone, regardless of their sub-genre tastes. So we ALL won comic-con. Can't wait to do it all again next year! (Maybe as a roving reporter reporting live from San Diego Comic-Con for PPRN? One never knows...)
And I'm done. I need a cigarette and a nap.
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Comic-Con coverage continues with a new trailer from the upcoming Will Smith vehicle, "BRIGHT". In this movie we're transported to an alternate earth where humans and mystical creatures like fairies, elves, dwarves and the like all live together. Will Smith plays a human cop and his new partner, played by Joel Edgerton, plays an Orc. One night when they're out on patrol they get a call to check out a civilian who needs assistance. They pull up on what instead is a crime scene. An elf is running from the scene of the crime. They pursue her on foot, capture her and realize she's carrying a magic wand. Magic wands are like nuclear weapons in this world. They have the ability to grant wishes but they're also very powerful weapons. A magic wand is something everyone wants, including high powered people and fantastical creatures, both good and nefarious. Will Smith and Joel Edgerton end up having to protect the young woman and the wand she possesses. And that's the premise of the movie. Check it out:
Not only am I sold on this Neflix movie (it comes out December 22nd) but Netflix would be wise to make this into a bonafide series. There is SO much potential here. Will and Joel have fantastic chemistry together. You immediately believe they're partners. The world David Ayer (of Suicide Squad) creates is both real and fantastical and it works equally well on both levels. (Which just goes to show one bad movie - SS - shouldn't make or break a director's career.) Will Smith has been looking for a second act for his acting career for quite some time now. Unfortunately, a lot of what he's chosen to do these past few years hasn't quite stuck. Getting back into the series game with this kind of series would be a wise move for him to make. So I'm sold on this movie. I hope they make it into a series with Will Smith and Joel Edgerton.
What do YOU think about this trailer? Is it a movie you'll want to watch? After watching the trailer do you agree it should be made into a series? Let's keep the conversation going in the comments section below.
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