Robbies bio
My name is Robbie Clark; I was born in Waterbury Connecticut but grew up in Naugatuck Connecticut my whole life. I’m 20 years old, and I have 2 brothers and 1 sister that are younger than me. When I was younger I played baseball, basketball, soccer, and flag football. Today I play golf and coach in the NBA (Naugatuck Basketball Association). My mother name is Janice Markey; she’s working at BIC in Shelton Connecticut and has been with them for 10 Years. My Father name is Bob Clark; he is a PGA professional at Hop Brook Golf Course in Naugatuck Connecticut, he helps me coach as well. I went to high school at Emmett O’Brien Technical High School in Ansonia Connecticut and studied CADD during my 4 years. I took a year off of school after graduating to start working, after a year I went to the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Stratford Connecticut to learn more about sports broadcasting. Since Graduating CSB I joined PPRN and work part time at Marshalls in Watertown Connecticut.

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In recent news PGA professional golfer Tiger Woods was arrested in Jupiter Florida around 3am for
driving under the influence (DUI). The breathalyzer showed that Woods had no alcohol in his system
during that night. When Woods was asked by reporters what caused the DUI charge he said it came
from some prescription medicine that he was taking. For anybody who is a Tiger Woods fan (like myself)
this is another horrible thing to happen to him given his other past history between all the surgeries to
his knee and back, the cheating scandal to his now ex-wife, to the loss of his father, and let’s not forget
the terrible performances on the golf course. What gets me angry the most about this whole situation
isn’t the fact the Woods made a mistake because let’s face it he’s a human just like us and we’re not
perfect, but what gets me angry is how people are saying that he didn’t deserve the DUI since he didn’t
have alcohol in his system! If you watch the video the officer asked Woods to walk in a straight line and
he failed easily, then they asked him to touch his nose and the man was losing his balance doing that!
Lastly they asked him to spell the alphabet without singing it simply saying the letters and when they
asked Woods to repeat what the officer said Woods said “to not sing the national anthem backwards”…
WHAT! I understand what Tiger has done for the game of golf if it wasn’t for Tiger golf maybe wouldn’t
be as popular as it is/was, but what kids from this generation will remember Tiger as won’t bathe same
as what we will remember him as they won’t remember the fist pumps, the stare down on the putting
greens, the constant victories for basically any tournament, or the passion he showed on and off the
course. Kids from this generation will look at the picture of his mugshot and say this is the guy that was
suppose to be some big golfer but instead screwed up his life by cheating, getting DUI’S, etc. For Woods
fans like myself let’s hope that next time we hear something about Tiger it will be good news because
every time I hear his name now all I think in my mind is what bad thing did he do this time.