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Here are this week-ends top 10 movies:
$17,310,000 - WKND
$291,182,790 - GROSS
American Made
$17,016,000 - WKND & GROSS (NEW MOVIE)
Kingsman: The Golden Circle
$17,000,000 - WKND
$66,701,588 - GROSS
The LEGO Ninjago Movie
$12,000,000 - WKND
$35,556,065 - GROSS
Flatliners (2017)
$6,700,000 - WKND & GROSS (NEW MOVIE)
Battle of the Sexes
$3,400,000 - WKND
$4,073,158 - GROSS
American Assassin
$3,325,000 - WKND
$31,873,581 - GROSS
Home Again
$1,756,372 - WKND
$25,181,947 - GROSS
Til Death Do Us Part
$1,567,966 - WKND & GROSS (NEW MOVIE)
$1,460,000 - WKND
$16,320,846 - GROSS
The big news out of this weekend is the three way tie for #1 between IT, Kingsman 2 and American Made. It looks like IT will come out on top, but just barely with $17.3 mil. Nipping at its heels though is American Made coming in at $17.01 mil. Next up is Kingsman 2 coming in at an even $17 mil. So all told only 310K separates the top three movies. Final numbers will be in later this afternoon, but projections show the top three movies to shake out as detailed above.
The other big news is this is riding the coattails of the phenomenal success that is IT, this September's box office receipts have totaled 20% more than last year's. In fact, because of August's spectacularly low box numbers, September is outpacing even it. Which is a bit of a misnomer since August has in recent memory been the month that ends out the summer with a bang. Instead this summer August went out with a whimper. Not for nothing, but Stephen King should be sitting on a mountain of cash right about now. Sure, he's already got mountains of money, but IT and the sequel coming out in 2019 should give him mountains more.
Finally, movie attendance has been down dramatically in recent years. Studios are quick to point the finger at Rotten Tomatoes as the culprit in keeping people away from theaters. But the other argument is movie studios need to stop making movies that suck. Whereas before social media it would sometimes take weeks for word of mouth to spread about a particular movie, nowadays it's instantaneous. So studios can no longer afford to take risks on making less than stellar movies. Not all movies need to be Oscar contenders, but they should be worth the money and time spent going to the theaters.
So did you go to the movies this weekend? If so, what did you see? Would you recommend it? Or would you recommend skipping it? Let's keep the conversation going in the comments section below.
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Marilyn Manson suffered an injury while onstage performing his cover of Eurhythmics classic song, "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)". He's had to cancel nine stops on his "Heaven Upside Down" tour which he just embarked upon. Check out the story below and then we'll talk about it:
Here's the thing: I've never been a fan of Marilyn Manson. I'm a HUGE fan of Brian Warner. But not of his alter ego, Marilyn Manson. Brian Warner (when not high on whatever or drunk off whatever) is actually brilliantly smart. He's deep. He makes you think. He's a fantastic painter. He has a lot to say and (on his good days) he can say it in terms everyone can understand and take in and not be turned off by the shenanigans surrounding it. I kinda put Marilyn and Lady Gaga in sort of the same boat. Meaning, Stefani and Brian are INFINITELY more interesting than their onstage counterparts. And I'm glad Stefani has decided to stop being "extra". I just wish Brian would take that cue.
Being shocking for shock's sake is boring to me. If you're going to be shocking, have a point. If you're going to be edgy, have a point. Don't do it just to be doing it. That makes you just as much of a narcissist as any other person screaming, "LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME!" for no apparent reason. And Marilyn has that whole "LOOK AT ME!" narcissism down to a science. Lady Gaga gets a pass from me only because of what I said above. She took a long hard look at herself and the meat dress she was wearing and said, "You know what? I'm done." Unfortunately, Marilyn is 48 years old and from all indications isn't nearly done yet.
And really if you ask me that's what got him into trouble in the first place. The story below doesn't have the video of the stage prop collapsing on top of him (you can google it. It's not hard to find). But the reason he got injured is because his 48 year old behind thought it would be cute to climb up on the scaffolding while singing "Sweet Dreams". The scaffolding wasn't having it and it along with the two giant prop guns it was holding came crashing down on top of him. The show was cancelled, he was rushed to a NYC hospital (you can find that disturbing stretcher picture online too) and now he has to cancel nine shows while he recuperates.
This whole blog post has been one giant judgment of Brian Warner, aka Marilyn Manson. And while I don't apologize for it, I do have to wonder, "When is enough, enough?" He's 48 years old. He's talented. He's smart and articulate and creative and really has nothing left to prove to anybody. And yet he keeps on doing stupid shit. I've never been addicted to drugs or alcohol so I have no idea what that struggle is like. But at the same time at some point each of us has the opportunity to be brutally honest with ourselves and make the choice whether or not to change. Doesn't make it easy. Doesn't mean we flip a switch and all our addiction problems are forever erased. But at 48 years old, if you're still doing the same stupid shit you were doing when you were 28 years old, the time has come to reassess. That's all.
We are PPRN hope he chooses the very difficult and life changing road of recovery and sobriety. And we hope he gets better soon. Literally.
So what do YOU think? Are you a Marilyn Manson fan? Do you have tickets for any of his upcoming shows? Are you buying his new album which drops (I think) this week? Do you wish he'd get sober or do you not want him to go changing for you? Let's keep the conversation going in the comments section below.
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Tarot the Week! 
Week of October 2nd - October 8th, 2017
Card: Queen of Pentacles
Quick Analysis: Queen of Pentacles. The woman who has worked her ass off for what she has. The woman who looks like she has everything. But nobody knows the sacrifice and cost. She has everything she wants. She has everything she needs. And yet, she can’t rest on her laurels. She can’t relax on her accomplishments. The world is ever changing and evolving. So she must work in order to stay on top. She loves the life she’s created for herself. She loves the accoutrements and privileges that come with gaining a certain socio-economic status. She is in good health, good spirits and looks forward to the next challenge she can tackle in this life.
The Queen of Pentacles encourages us to use our creative minds in everything we do. Even if what we do for a living isn’t necessarily the most creative field, we can use creativity to our advantage. We can use creativity to keep our minds engaged. Even in the most mind numbingly rote and routine jobs, we can use our imagination to keep us from getting bored. "How?" Use your imagination. Sometimes even daydreaming can help us problem solve. I get that the world we live in doesn’t allow for a lot of staring out the window and daydreaming. But the more we can surreptitiously insert that sense of imagination and creativity into our day to day world, the less of a chore our work becomes. Again, I realize that is easier said than done for a lot of us who work the cubicle production driven lifestyle. But the Queen of Pentacles encourages us to at least try.
Bottom Line: Let’s do our best to inject creativity and imagination into our daily lives. Creativity allows us to not only create something out of nothing but it also allows us to more easily problem solve. Finally, let’s stop hating on rich people. We have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. We have no idea the price they’ve paid to get where they are. The more we hate the more we block blessings in our own lives. So let’s be grateful for what we have. And let’s appreciate where we are right now, with an eye to improve as we live. You can thank me later.
Have a FANTASTIC week, everyone!
Be Blessed.
Song of the Week: Donna Summer "She Works Hard for the Money"https://youtu.be/MX7MbG6MiQs
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